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New Bedroom Design Ideas Images

New Bedroom Design Ideas Images

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The decor should be all about what we love. If you love to travel, why not have a place that you can dream figuratively and literally? Decorate your room with a map for the perfect “dream” room. There are all sorts of maps, so it’s easy to find something you’ll love around your bedroom. Topographic, political, geological, thematic or even road maps are a great addition to travel space or even a space dedicated to charting lovers.

Let’s start with some cool ideas you can do with maps.

Create a lamp shade:
This cunning job can be done using various maps. Personally, I feel the political map or roadmap is the best way to go. Of course, the map should be as thin as possible because it will be placed around the pre-made lampshade. We want light to pass through the map and cause a nice lighting effect across the room. All you need is a map, some white craft glue, scissors and a ruler. Cut the map in the correct proportion and paste it. Simple as that! However, you may want to be careful if you still use an incandescent lamp.

Paint a city map on the wall behind the bed:
This sounds like it might take a long time, but it all depends on the available material. If you have a projector, it makes the job easier. Simply put a map on the disc and shine on the wall. Track the line with a pencil or continue and paint directly on the wall. That is, if you believe you will not make mistakes.

Recommendation: I recommend using your own town or hometown and put the red star where you live or where you grew up. Be sure to use the two-thirds method while doing this. Do not put a star in the center of the room but notice a third of the way across the room. This will change the visual focus from one place to another and draw the viewer’s attention to the new location.

Make a pillow map box:
One of the coolest things that can come out during the last decade is the printed cloth. You can go directly to the store or upload the image to the website and they will print it and send it to you. This has allowed fashion designers to create more amazing clothing for us to wear and give interior designers tools for beddings, curtains, and even cushion covers.

After returning the fabric from the company, all you have to do is cut the pattern and sew it.
Recommendations: Topographic maps will look good on beds of any size. However, if you have more than one pillow, why not mix it up a bit? Using other types of maps for cushions or other beds will give you a nice blend of color and uniqueness throughout the room.

While these are three cool ways to decorate a bedroom using a map, there are many other things you can do to spice up your bedroom both with and without a map!

contemporary bedroom 3 450x270
contemporary bedroom 3 450×270

A simple design, simple and clean lines, future imagery – these are elements designed by bedroom styles in a contemporary style. If you are looking for a bedroom decoration idea in a contemporary modern style, here are the basics that should make your creative juices pumping.
The problem with going contemporary in the bedroom is that styling tends to be very cool and minimalist so the cozy warmth you are looking for in the bedroom is rarely available to you.

There’s one thing you can do to fix this – in choosing a paint scheme for contemporary bedroom, with a really warm and bold color, you can bring a little character and even personality to your place. One of the questions that arises here is related to how many walls are best to be decorated with such color splashes in contemporary design.

The size of the bedroom in question usually determines how many colors you will use. In the small bedroom, use a wall to accent the room to do. The idea of ​​contemporary bedroom decoration for larger bedrooms will always recommend more than one wall with bright colors.
With starkness as its design philosophy, most contemporary room decorations come with tiled or firewood floors that prefer minimalism to something warmer like a carpet. This is usually not a great idea for a bedroom.

Even if you want a contemporary look for your bedroom, you want to bring some softness. The feeling of getting out of bed and stepping onto a hard floor can be something you will not appreciate.
You can use some low carpeted rugs and still fit with contemporary themes though. Unassigned simple knot carpets and do a very good job, and the colors are a bit too.

Lighting occurs at some of the most unplanned times in the bedroom. For the idea of ​​decorating the bedroom with contemporary style, designers often look to the designs of age chamber lamps – brushed metal, silver glass and so on. In contemporary style, traditional lampshades barely match the theme. The more you choose modern equipment, the more fashionable your results will be.

You can equip your contemporary bedroom with really angled beds and use bed linens with modern art or geometric patterns on them. With some stylish modern sculptures and beautiful potted plants on one side, you can complete the look of your quiet, calm contemporary oasis, and pat yourself behind the job well.

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